“Fistful of Fire” Master!!!

Finally I can hear the finished master of the new Bonfire “A Fistful of fire” production.
I have never heard a master as often as this one! I am so happy with the result, pressure, melody, tightness, just a fat round thing!

Furthermore, my drums were finally refined with absolute natural sound! No triggers or any other computer junk!

Dear Bonfire fans and everyone else out there, get ready for the new Bonfire, modern powerful sound with all Bonfire hooks and new musical refinements.
I know everyone is saying that the current album is the best ever! This one is one of the hottest, especially since I have been a fan of the band for years!
Proud to have been part of this album and to be able to kick your ass live soon!! special thanks to Tom Mlr Flatliners @ Flatliners recording studios, mega job and a production that couldn’t be fatter!

Hands down, End of story!!!

Cheers André