New Bonfire Album

Pandemic reasons forced the band to stay at home and quit their tour plans for their latest effort “Fistful Of Fire”, but Bonfire can’t stand still and so they recorded a great new album called “Roots”. Have a look at the new cover art of this magnificent acoustic-album with 23 tracks recorded completely over again and interpreted in new ways.
It includes very young ballads like “When An Old Man Cries” and old evergreens like “You Make Me Feel”, contains old rock hits like “Ready 4 Reaction” and arising rock hymns like “The Devil Made Me Do It”.

With this release and the new campaign on StartNext the band tries to get some money into their empty band accounts and offers quite some musical delicacy with regards to the content. Besides various merch items, living-room concerts, VIP Tickets for their streaming release show and special rarities like original master tapes or guitar amps, the new album “Roots” can be ordered here:

Let’s hope for better times, in which live-concerts can take place again and let us support and celebrate one of Germany’s biggest rock bands in alternate ways until that day.

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